A South Dakota teen is being told he cannot compete in the girls dance team. Freddie Linden, who is a freshman at Dakota Valley High School, is now taking legal action and is suing the South Dakota High School Activities Association.

The SDHSAA prohibits mixed gender teams at sanctioned tournaments even though the high school is in support of Freddie being on the team. Freddie has been dancing since he was in first grade and he found out last year that he couldn't be on the team after an email was sent out telling all girls that they could sign up for the 2017-2018 team.

Now his mother is teaming up with Pacific Legal Foundation and are taking to social media to gather support. Freddie hopes the SDHSAA reverses the ban and that other states follow suit. According to the Siouxcityjournal, Freddie says, "We are not only trying to change South Dakota, this law is in 20 other states. We are hoping to allow boys in all 20 states to dance. I am the voice for those boys."


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