A billboard in Rapid City is expressing its opinion regarding South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem's recent decision to send the state’s National Guard troops down to Texas to help secure the border.  However, that's not the major concern for most residents in the state.  Governor Noem received some monetary assistance from a private source in this endeavor.

An article from the South Dakota Standard recently shared a story about a billboard criticizing Noem after "she had the benefit of a $1 million donation from the Willis and Reba Johnson Foundation."  Willis and Reba Johnson are regular donors to Republican congressional candidates.  Here's the concern: Noem will not specifically indicate how the money was used. This decision started something the South Dakota Standard identifies as the "tumbleweed effect."

In response to Governor Noem’s actions, apparently, a group of families and friends of the South Dakota National Guard came together to purchase an electric billboard advertisement for 24 hours with the slogan: "South Dakota National Guard...Not For Rent."  This billboard, located on West Main Street in Rapid City was displayed this past weekend to honor the Guard.

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South Dakota Standard reports that all this talk about a billboard started as a joke until other people involved with this particular group thought, "Why not?  Let's do it!"  The whole initiative unfolded within just two days.  The group had the graphics, the money, texts, and the location of where this billboard would be seen.  Now it appears as though this group is not going to stop with only showcasing the billboard in Rapid City.  Nope.  This billboard is now embarking on a state-wide tour.

The South Dakota Standard says this billboard will be located on I-29 just outside of Sioux Falls. When will you see this billboard?  Be on the lookout!

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