Only 33 made the cut and one of them is one a menu in Sioux Falls.

The Food Network is out with their list of the Best Burritos in the Country and the Wet Burrito at Jacky's Restaurant is among the honorees.

Here's their take on what makes the burrito so special:

At Jacky's Restaurant in Sioux Falls, the Wet Burrito will satisfy your hunger within one bite. It's a giant flour tortilla chock-full of rice, beans and the protein of your choice (we strongly suggest al pastor or chorizo) that's appropriately drenched in green or red sauce and melted cheese and then garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream.

The wet burrito is served with chicken, steak, al pastor, chorizo, shredded beef, or ground beef and comes topped with either green or red sauce.

Or you can do what I do and combine the two sauces into what the restaurant refers to as 'Christmas Sauce'.

Jacky's, which serves Guatemalan-style food, has three locations in Sioux Falls - East 8th Street, East 10th Street, and North Cliff Avenue.