You've heard it before. In fact, if you've lived in South Dakota long enough, you've heard it hundreds of times.

'Gee, it'd sure be nice if it wasn't so doggone windy!'

Yep, the wind does tend to blow in the good 'ol Rushmore state. If the wind is around 25 miles per hour, we call that a breeze. Anything 20 or under is calm, or at least 'pert near.

And as it turns out, it's not just a myth, a legend, or folks just plain flat out complaining.

According to the Washington Post South Dakota is in the top three as far as windiest states go...and our neighbors aren't any better (or worse I suppose, depending on how you look at it).

The windiest state in the country is just down there in Nebraska. (Is it all those Blowhard Husker fans? Don't tell my kids I asked that) Number two is Kansas, and then those of us that enjoy the moving air in South Dakota. Step across the border to the north and you have the fourth windiest, while just over there in Iowa is number five (Guess that why Iowa State is the Cyclones?)

By the way, if you like your air to stay in one place, the least windiest states are Mississippi, Florida, Kentucky, Georgia and Alabama. And it gets so darn hot down there, I'll bet those folks wouold love to have a bit of our breeze.

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