In South Dakota, we know a thing or two about dealing with extreme winds.

After all, according to the latest weather data, the Mount Rushmore State is the windiest in America, with an average wind speed of 21.3 miles per hour.

In fact, only one other state has an average wind speed of more than 21 miles per hour and the power of those winds was on full display this week.

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This was the scene in Great Falls, Montana, where 62-mile-per-hour wind gusts turned one neighborhood into something right out of an old western movie with stacks and stacks of tumbleweeds choking off an entire residential block.

The National Weather Service in Great Falls posted the video from Darrin Schreder Photography and Design via Storyful and FOX Weather on its Facebook page.

A low-pressure system in the area is responsible for this incredible scene, as gusts in some areas of Montana and South and North Dakota reached 84 miles per hour.

I don't even want to guess how long it took to dig out from this 'tumbleweed apocalypse'!

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