Nearly three years ago when I was about to reach my goal weight, people reminded me that keeping off the weight would be an ongoing challenge. Some even suggested it would be more difficult than losing the weight itself. Those comments were so frustrating to me because it was just a battle to get those last 20 pounds off.

Fast forward to the present, and I've found that keeping off the weight has most definitely been a struggle, not harder than losing the weight, but just different. A lot of my tendency to overeat goes to the heart of relying on the food as comfort. In the past 18 months, I've done a deep dive into the emotions that have had me reaching for food. Seeking out a great counselor and finding new tools to deal with life's anxiety-filled moments have helped. It feels like it's time to try again. I've gained some of the weight back but am so glad for the huge amount of weight I did keep off, despite some really horrible things I've gone through personally.

A new opportunity has come at what feels like just the right time. VitaLife is a nationwide weight loss center that is new to Sioux Falls. Barry, who runs the place is a South Dakota native who is based most of the time in California, operating his VitaLife locations there. He's come back in the heart of a cold South Dakota winter to open up VitaLife back home, and I'm grateful. I'm down 11.2 pounds and it sure feels good to see the scale going down again instead of creeping up!

The first week was the hardest, and now starting the third week I'm getting into the groove of the routine. I pack up my veggies, fruit, and supplements the night before. Drinking water is again a part of my routine again instead of sipping on mostly coffee throughout the day. I'm eating all the foods from the grocery store. (no packets or shakes!) I have hope. The work and planning will be worth it.



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