Saturday Night Live (SNL) has had thousands of hosts since the show debuted in 1975. Famous celebrities, sports figures, comedians, and even a few presidents have made cameos or served as the show's host.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was even portrayed in a recent episode. And lest we not forget South Dakota's odd anti-drug slogan, "Meth - We're On It!" was lampooned in front of millions on the last night sketch show.

And who could forget the time when South Dakota's Waterbed Warehouse was ridiculed for its heavy ad campaigns? Check it out below if you don't remember:

While "red conservative" states such as the Rushmore State will never garner much respect from Hollywood movies and TV shows that originate from the Big Apple, there have been two times a South Dakotan actually served as host of SNL.

According to SDStandardNow, then-Governor Dick Kneip served as host of the sketch series on November 19, 1977. Kneip was in his third term as South Dakota Governor when he took the hosting gig for a night alongside legends Bill Murray and John Belushi.

South Dakota once again gained the SNL spotlight when on April 14, 1984, George McGovern took the stage to host the show after his 3rd attempt to win the presidency.

SNL still airs on Saturday nights on NBC. While I admit it's not nearly as funny or entertaining as the days with Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Belushi, and Steve Martin, there are still some shiny comedic moments and solid musical acts. 

But that dates me and sounds a little old. But trust me - that was pure comedy. And while I'm at it, you can put me in the masses who just don't see the Pete Davidson appeal.


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