Time to get the kids off the video games and get them involved with some fun wintertime activities. Here are 16 of them to get you started.

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    You can fit the whole family on a long wooden toboggan. Sioux Falls offers dome fun sledding hills with hot chocolate as an after-sledding treat.

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    Ice Skating

    Scheel's IcePlex, McKennan Park, Sherman Park, Tuthill Park, Frank Olson, Campus Park, and more offer great ice skating in Sioux Falls.

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    Break Out the Board Games

    This cold snap may have made the first two on our list a little chilly, so how about a good old fashioned board game? Monopoly, Risk, Connect 4, and Life have made it fun and nostalgic to sit by the fire and roll the dice.

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    Getting Exercise

    Tread mill or bundling up and going for a walk is a great way to shake the winter blues.

  • Dreef

    Downtown Shopping

    Sioux Falls has a magnificent downtown shopping experience. Top it off with a great many in any of our great restaurants.

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    Home Improvement

    Paint a room a new lively color for spring. Add new decor or build new shelving.

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    Old Courthouse Museum

    Did you know that one of the first automobile called the Fawick Flyer is there along with many Native American exhibits and artifacts and a history of the Falls? Try it!

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    Go Green With Plants

    It's a proven fact that growing houseplants is good for the soul. Let the kids have some fun in the dirt.

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    Indoor Seed Starter Greenhouse

    May places sell a complete seed and greenhouse kit and now is a perfect time. In the spring, replant them in the garden and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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    Baking Cookies and Treats

    Again, it's a good idea to get the kids involved and off the video games. As an added bonus, the house smells great and the oven offers some fine heat.

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    Write a Letter

    Not text, not an email, but actually writing a letter. Trust me when I say, it will make a grandparents day! Or simply start a journal.

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    Skiing and Tubing

    Great Bear Recreation Park is a super-fun place you can enjoy winter sports. It even features a bunny hill for beginners.

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    Read a Good Book

    My personal favorite is finding a good book to read. Pajama pants and a fire are preferred.

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    Take a Hike

    The Outdoor Campus, the Sioux Falls bike trails, or the Arboretum offer some fun places to explore. Put together a scavenger hunt as well and see if you can find a pine cone, a squirrel, or a robin.

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    All Weekend Movie Marathon

    If you've got the time, binge with a movie marathon such as the Marvel Avenger series or Star Wars. It can make you forget about the -1 degree temps outside.

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    Jigsaw Puzzle

    Oh my but these are addictive and a great way to pass the time.