Let's face it, Iowa's neighbors seem to have an endless amount of jokes on hand and at the ready when they find out a person's from the Hawkeye State. And if you're from Iowa, you've probably heard 'em all... Except maybe these ones.

Here are ten of the best Iowa jokes around:

What do Iowa corn and Iowa football have in common?

They're both better than what Nebraska has to offer.
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Credit: Only In Your State

It's always boggled my mind that some people don't know the difference between Iowa and Idaho.

Why doesn’t the NFL give Iowa a professional football team?

Because then Minnesota would want one.
Credit: Only In Your State

Honestly, most Iowans wouldn't even blink an eye at this.

 Idiots Out Wandering Around

What do you call a bunch of tractors parked in front of a McDonald's on Friday night in Iowa?

Did you hear about that cool thing that just happened in Iowa?
Me neither!
Why is Minnesota so darn Windy?
Because Iowa Sucks
What's the only good thing to come out of Iowa?
Interstate 35

Story Source: Upjoke.com

Story Source: Only In Your State Iowa

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