Call it the greatest pool float of our time. The Sun Pleasure 6-Person Inflatable Bay Breeze Boat would look stellar on Wall Lake. And you can get it by this weekend. with 2-day free shipping on Amazon.

It'll set you back around $350 but have five of your best friends chip about 55 bucks apiece to make it happen because it holds 6 people and a cooler full of beers.

It's from the same company that gave us that gigantic flamingo and unicorn we're starting to see on area lakes.

Pro tip: Get an electric air pump because it doesn't come with one. Or for fun, you could ask the smoker in your group to blow it up with sheer lung power.

You're sure to get looks when you set sail in this baby but bring paddles as there is not a motor attached. This reviewer on Amazon weighs in on the topic:

"It was a great boat until I tried to put a 125HP motor, it sank..... now I no longer have a boat, maybe I should have tried a 2 stroke, the 4 stroke is just too big." Jimbo from NY

Happy boating!



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