Have you responded to UFO in the skies over South Dakota? Since records began in 1940, exactly1,303 people have reported seeing an unidentified flying object in the Rushmore state. So, what are the odds of seeing one? According to Casino.org about 1 in 670.

I’ve never seen one but I know two people who swear they have - and they’re my friends so I don’t consider them complete nut bags.

According to the numbers, if you travel to Wyoming you have the best chance of seeing one at about one and 205. The State with the lowest odds of seeing a UFO is Florida. That makes sense. Don’t most Floridians go to bed like at 6:30?

It is also worth noting that over 40,000 Americans have taken out alien abduction insurance.

As camping season begins for another year, make sure to bring a blanket and lie under the stars. Who knows? maybe you'll be the 1,304th official South Dakota UFO report.

If you see something in the sky you can't quite explain, you can call the National UFO Reporting Center hotline at 206-722-3000.


By the way, casino.org has a pretty cool interactive map and some fun facts to check out.

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