Anyone that has lived and worked in the Sioux Empire for several decades has witnessed the transformation our downtown area has undergone throughout the years.

If a person had the ability to go back in time, you wouldn't even be able to recognize all the changes that have been made to the city's downtown region even in just the past 30 years.

For the record, I'm old enough to remember the big blooper the city made way back in the 1970's when they closed off traffic on Phillips Avenue and turned the entire street into a pedestrian mall. Whoops! Not the smartest thing Sioux Falls has ever done. That was definitely a New Coke moment for the city. The move created a ton of parking and access problems for downtown shoppers. The city was eventually forced to scuttle the concept after the rising popularity of larger shopping facilities like the Western, Empire, and New Town Shopping Malls.

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Conversely, the city has made a number of wise decisions when it comes to the core downtown region since then. Things like the beautification of the Falls Park area. The addition of the Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk in 2004, the 3rd Avenue Lofts, Cherapa Place, and even the recent debut of the Arc of Dreams in July of 2019.

The ongoing beautification of the Sioux Falls downtown district continues yet again with the renovation of another office building. This time it's a building at the base of the 10th Street viaduct that is getting a facelift.

As the gang at Pigeon 605 reports, Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office is in the process of turning the building that sits at the foot of the 10th Street viaduct into their new law office. As part of the renovation, they have decided to incorporate a mural contest to offer artist exposure and increased community involvement.

Actually, the whole theme is based on "community."

Eight different mural designs from various artists have been selected.

The folks at Lockwood & Zahrbock Kool Law Office invite the residents of the Sioux Empire to cast a vote on their favorite design.

The winning artist and their mural will be announced by (July 31).

See examples of each mural and cast your vote here.

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Source: Pigeon 605 

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