If you're ready to take your love of hot dogs to a whole new level then this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is for you!

The folks at Oscar Mayer and Airbnb have teamed to give a very select number of people the chance to spend the night in the iconic Weinermobile.

There are a couple of catches (of course). The rental of the 27-foot long is only available in the Chicago area and only for one of three days - August 1, 2, and 3, during Lollapalooza.

The narrow booking window for one of those dates opens July 24 and I've got to imagine that those three spots will go very quickly.

So what do you get for your $136?

A sofa bed, seating area, tiny bathroom, outdoor space, and (most importantly) a mini-fridge stocked with Oscar Mayer hot dogs and all the Chicago-style hot dog essentials.

They're also throwing in an Oscar Mayer roller grill to take home and a custom Wienermobile art piece by local artist Laura Kiro.

So get ready to click on July 24 and you might just be one of three lucky inhabitants of this legendary marketing marvel, which, by the way, has its' own app.

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