The folks at came out with a list of The Worst Places To Live In South Dakota. They started off by saying: "You people up there in South Dakota are a tough bunch. You know how to live off the land, many of you hunt, and most of you have a gun.”

I guess that's probably a stereotype that some people in other parts of the nation have about South Dakota.

They did pay South Dakota a compliment in the article by pointing out that Mount Rushmore is “one of the coolest national monuments in the nation”.

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But then they came to the conclusion that like other states South Dakota has its least desirable spots and this is how they ranked The 10 Worst Places To Live In South Dakota For 2021:

  1. Flandreau
  2. Belle Fourche
  3. Milbank
  4. Canton
  5. Huron
  6. Sisseton
  7. Box Elder
  8. Custer
  9. Sioux Falls
  10. Winner

They did articulate that this ranking was meant for infotainment but they came to the conclusions by “Crunching the numbers” while analyzing 36 of South Dakota's most populous cities.

For example, the reasons Flandreau took the #1 spot was because “among cities over 2,000 (and excluding towns on Native American land), Flandreau has the highest crime rate in South Dakota.” And they pointed out that Flandreau has an unemployment rate of 5.4% and home prices are also far below the state average.

Sioux Falls made the #9 position on the list because “even though the community has a lot going for it like a hearty economy, 3.0% unemployment rate, $59,912 median income, Sioux Falls faces some of the problems associated with larger cities like the crime rate tracks 40% above the U.S. Norm.”

What do you think? Are these the 10 Worst Places To Live In South Dakota?

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