Wednesday, October 26, is Winter Weather Awareness Day in South Dakota.

First, I could have used a picture of a cold, barren, South Dakota landscape covered in snow, but who wants to see that? It's October and we know what's coming. So enjoy the photo of my first lighting of my fireplace in preparation for the cold weather season.

Although many of us are cold-weather veterans of the northern plains, it's always a good idea to make sure we're prepared for the upcoming snow and cold.

The first thing I like to make sure I have is a good bottle of cinnamon Schnapps. Okay, that probably shouldn't be first - but you don't want to weather a storm without a good nip or two.

Perhaps it's a good idea to seek the expertise of the National Weather Service of Sioux Falls for a winter checklist:

NWS of Sioux Falls

And as for driving? Again, many of us know what should be in our vehicles - but here's a good reminder:

NWS of Sioux Falls

Remember, the weather conditions can change very rapidly so be prepared - and happy winter!

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