Just outside of Parker, South Dakota is a section of land with healing powers. The healing comes to those who have endured more than what the average person can imagine. It brings support, friendship, and renewal.

The Wings of Valor Lodge is a pheasant and deer hunting lodge retreat for veterans of all military branches of the United States. Those who welcome the hurt, broken, and lost vets know first hand why they come. Staff members are disabled veterans themselves.

As the only fully-wheelchair accessible hunting lodge in the state, Wings of Valor Lodge has the support from dozens of donors and volunteers who are ready to fully assist guests during their stay. From the time of arrival, through a day of successful hunting, to an evening of making new friends, a weekend surrounded by fellow wounded and disabled vets is a long-lasting happy memory they will never forget.

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To continue providing lifetime experiences, Wings of Valor is hosting Gunning For Our Heros Saturday, September 25. Tickets for an exciting day will include a Tower Hunt, lodge tour, entertainment, food, and silent auction. All funds will assist round trip travel expenses for veterans, and the cost of hunting and lodging during their stay.

Wings of Valor's mission: “Supporting those who have served by providing a gathering place to motivate and empower disabled Veterans in the outdoors with a sustainable vision for future soldiers.”

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