Talking is a great gift from our creator. However, talking can be a very dangerous thing.

Be careful of what you say, because saying the wrong words can get you in trouble, Worse yet, things others say about you can be devastating.

Therefore, always set a good example. Give others nothing but good things to say about you.

Here's one case that went wrong. In Kuwait, a family's pet parrot started shouting out flirty phrases to a women that hadn't heard anything like this in a long time.

She got suspicious. After some investigation, she learned that the bird had picked up these things to say from listening to her husband talk. As in, talking to the housekeeper.

Big trouble for the man. The wife took the bird to the police. Adultery is illegal in this country and it involves prison time.

The authorities ruled that the bird's sounds were not clear enough to convict the man. Also the man's lawyer contested that the bird could have picked up this vocabulary from a late night TV show.

Lessons of the story, don't cheat, be careful letting others hear your private actions and only watch PG television programs!

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