Someone in Sioux Falls has draped the immigrant Potato Man sculpture in the center of the city in the flag of Ukraine. And I think that paints a powerful picture.

On February 24, 2022, evil Russian dictator Vladimir Putin invaded the country of Ukraine and started an unprovoked war.

To date, his invasion has been responsible for the killing of hundreds of men, women, and children.

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Hundreds of thousands of people continue to flee Ukraine trying to protect their families as Putin rains down terror and destruction on civilian families.

Free people all over the world have stepped up to condemn this land grab by a crazed thug and show support for the people of Ukraine.

Yesterday someone in Sioux Falls draped the Potato Man Sculpture at McKennan Park in a Blue and Yellow flag of Ukraine.

The Potato Man was originally part of the 2006 Sioux Falls Sculpture walk. Since 2008 it has stood in the southwest corner of McKennan Park along 26th Street in the center of the city.

The sculpture pays tribute to Sioux Falls's large Irish population whose ancestors immigrated to America to escape the potato famine in Ireland.

The Irish fled the starvation and adversity in their homeland in the mid-1800s to try and save their lives and those of their family.

It seems appropriate that someone would dress this Sioux Falls symbol of survival and perseverance in the flag of Ukraine.

Sioux Falls stands with Ukraine!


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