Summer night firepits are a staple of backyard summer fun. When camping you most definitely need a campfire. S'mores will not wait, after all.

Remember when firewood at a gas station was 4 or maybe 5 bucks a bundle? Not any longer. The cost of firewood is up dramatically. The above pic, taken at a local Sioux Falls convenience store, shows the price at $8.99 for a bundle - or 2 bundles for $15. Yowsers.

So why the sharp increase? Was it the COVID-19 thing? Lumber shortage? Supply? Demand? Yes to all of those. Remember earlier this spring when lumber hit historic highs? Well, lumber is now returning to normal prices and hopefully, the firewood comes down with it. In fact, according to Fortune, the cost of lumber has decreased 47% since May.

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So when, if at all, can we expect the pricing for a bundle of firewood to go back to that $3.99 or $4.99 a bundle? The simple answer is perhaps where you shop.

Outdoor stores like Ace Hardware are selling $4.99 bundles. Fleet Farm is at $5.99 per bundle. Lowe's has a bundle of mixed wood starting at $7.99. And Home Depot features a 1 cubic foot bag of cooking and firepit logs from Kingsford for less than 20 bucks.

So perhaps it's a convenience store thing.

According to Chainsaw Journal, ( a very informative site covering all aspects of firewood) the main factors for determining the cost of wood:

  1. Type of wood (hardwood is more expensive)
  2. Where you live.
  3. Time of year.
  4. Market conditions.

It's also important to note that invasive species can hitch a ride on firewood wreak havoc on ecosystems. Be sure it's safe to transport.

The forecast calls for a hot and sunny week in Sioux Falls with overnight temperatures near 70. Perfect for a firepit - if we can afford it :)

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