Over the past week or so a 'hot topic' has been the stimulus checks in the form of direct payments to millions of Americans.

When will people receive them? and in what amount can we expect them to be in? Have been some of the most asked questions.

However, a lot of conversations in The House and the Senate have been about the increase from $600 to $2,000 has been controversial, to say the least.

But some Americans are still hoping or would like to receive $2000 stimulus payments.

However, this amount of direct payment is not likely to happen according to Kiplinger and why it didn't go through the first time around:

"President Trump and congressional Democrats are actually on the same side. Both want to increase the second stimulus check amount to $2,000, and Democrats didn't renew their efforts to seek the higher amount until after the president objected to the $600 payments in the COVID relief bill"- Kiplinger.

Source: Kiplinger

Most economists believe at this point that the current CASH Act will die in the Senate that contains the increase to $2,000 stimulus checks.

In order for the $2,000 stimulus payments to Americans to be passed in the Senate, it needs to pass at a UNAMIMOIUS yes. Which of course if the Senate can not all vote YES on $600 payments; it's almost inconceivable that they would all say yes to $2,000 payments.

So if you have been holding out for the $2,000 payments or already have methodically spent that money in your head, you might want to forget about it.

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