Scott Barbour, Getty Images
Scott Barbour, Getty Images

Forbes is once again doing the math to let us know which celebrities are way overpaid.  They've put together a list of the Highest-Paid TV Personalities.

Thanks in part to his ownership stakes in the "X Factor" (which now airs in 41 different countries) and "America's Got Talent," which is the biggest-selling television franchise in the world, Simon Cowell earned $95 million in 12 months.  Quick, do the math.  That's almost $8 million a MONTH!

Tied at #1 with Simon is "America's Got Talent" judge and satellite radio host, Howard Stern.  Between his duties on "Talent" and his radio show, he also banked $95 million in 12 months.

The third highest paid TV personality is talk show host, Glenn Beck.  Beck took his act to the Internet in 2011 with a subscription website devoted to content from Beck and his fellow thinkers.  His followers pay $100 per year for access to the site.

Here's the rest of the top 10:

4.  Oprah Winfrey - $77 million

5.  Dr. Phil McGraw - $72 million

6.  Rush Limbaugh - $66 million

7.  Donald Trump - $63 million

8.  Ryan Seacrest - $61 million

9.  Ellen DeGeneres - $56 million

10.  Judy Sheindlin - $47 million

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