If you appear to be uneducated about guns and gun control then you may very well fall victim to the venom of Ted Nugent. The latest to do just that is film producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein, who Nugent compared to a Nazi propagandist, after Weinstein announced plans to make a film that will take down the National Rifle Association.

In an interview with Howard Stern, Weinstein talked about his plans to direct a film about the uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943, in which the Jews fought back the Nazis using guns. Stern, who is Jewish, asked Weinstein, who is also Jewish, if he owned a gun, to which he answered, "No... I have never wanted to have a gun." Stern then said, "But if the story resonates that much with you why not own a gun so that..."

Weinstein cut him off and countered with, "No, this is when you're marching a half a million people into Auschwitz. I mean, I'd find a gun if that was happening to my people. I don't think we need guns in this country. And I hate it, and I think the NRA is a disaster area, and I'm going to actually make a movie -- I shouldn't say this, but I'm going to make a movie with Meryl Streep and we're going to take this issue head on, and they're going to wish they weren't alive after I'm done with them."

And this is where Nugent, a card-carrying NRA member, comes in. He heard about this interview and says, "I don't know if Harvey Weinstein has had a lifetime of drug and substance abuse, but he certainly sounds like it. You have to be brain-dead to believe that the gun-free zones of Chicago and Nuremberg [Germany] in 1938 are a desirable condition... There is no limit on the evidence and the individual occurrences of good innocent people winning because a firearm was brought into play against a life threatening assault. Harvey has to know this... Harvey Weinstein is on the side of criminals. The NRA is on the side of innocent victims protecting themselves by criminals. It's as simple as that."

He also ripped his friend Stern, calling him a "spineless weasel" for not telling Weinstein that he is licensed to carry a gun. "You're out of your mind for telling me I cannot defend myself."

Ted Nugent comments on Harvey Weinstein's anti-NRA comments: [Courtesy of the NRA talk show Cam & Company]

Ted Nugent rips Howard Stern for not standing up to Harvey Weinstein. [Courtesy of NRA talk show Cam & Company]

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