For the most part, South Dakota's baseball allegiances are split between two teams - the Twins in the East, the Rockies in the West. Yes I know there are plenty of other fans of other teams in the Mount Rushmore State, but those are the 'big two'.

It makes sense when you think about it given East River's proximity to Minnesota and West River's adjacency to Colorado.

What doesn't make sense is the Major League Baseball team South Dakotans hate most - the Texas Rangers.

Most Hated MLB Team
Real McCoy Baseball

The Comeback revealing that nugget, providing an image from Real McCoy Baseball to back up the survey's findings.

The Rangers? I don't get it. A Twins rival like the White Sox or Royals, or Rockies rival like the Dodgers or Giants sure, but the Rangers?

Can someone please give me some insight on that?

And while there are plenty that make perfect sense (The Red Sox in New York, Yankees in Massachusetts, Reds in Missouri, Cardinals in Illinois, Tigers in Ohio), there are plenty of head-scratchers in this survey:

  • The Reds are the most hated team in Montana
  • The Cardinals are the most hated team in Wyoming
  • The Yankees are the most hated team in Idaho
  • The Red Sox are the most hated team in Louisiana
  • The Padres are the most hated team in Canada's Northwest Territories

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