Even though it's becoming more and more commonplace to see $1 million houses in Southern Sioux Falls, that part of South Dakota doesn't lay claim to the most expensive real estate in the state.

According GoBankingRates.com, the spendiest zip code in the Mount Rushmore State isn't far from those famous presidential faces in the Black Hills.

Zip Code 57702
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The 57702 zip code, just west of Rapid City, is the most expensive area to buy a house, with an average home listing price of of $349,900.

That zip code stretches as far North as Black Hawk, as far West as Silver City, as far South as Rockerville, and as far East as the Skyline Area of Rapid City.

According to GoBanking Rates.com, you'd need a total income of $83,064 to live there. That's the second lowest figure of the most expensive zip codes in each state.

Only zip code 26508, in Brookhaven, West Virginia ($79,786) needs a lower income.

The most expensive zip code is 11962, in Sagaponack, on Long Island in New York, where the average price lists for $7,122,500 and it takes an income of $853,738 to make a go it it.

One of America's most famous zip codes, 90210, in Beverly Hills, California, is the second most expensive ($5,772,500 avg. house, $692,388 income).


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