We know how special our state is, but when someone from a national lifestyle website not only agrees but rhapsodizes about it, it is something beyond special!

Thrillist has writers who travel the country looking for the best travel destinations, restaurants, food & drinks, television & movies, and more.

Their choice this year for the best place for a winter vacation is the Black Hills! Their reasoning is very sound. Especially if what you're seeking is beautiful scenery and quiet.

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Matt Meltzer arrived in a western South Dakota town, was grabbing a coffee in what he described as an "eerily" quiet shop, saw a chainsaw art place next door & thought he might encounter someone from Texas Chainsaw Massacre in this opposite of noisy berg.

But after some exploring, his description changed to "beautiful calm".

The mountains, monuments, and canyons that attract thousands in the warmer months are left for you to enjoy solo. And rather than a horror movie, South Dakota suddenly feels like the sweeping opening of an epic western set on a cold, vast landscape where anything can happen. Matt Meltzer/Thrillist

An amazing and accurate description, right?

He also experienced chislic, the quiet, (yes, quiet) streets of Deadwood, "top tier restaurants" and breweries, did some snowmobiling in Spearfish Canyon, a little ice-fishing at Deerfield Reservoir, and discovered the next best thing to having your own ski resort at a very hushed Terry Peak.

Of course, there was the stunning Mount Rushmore and still in progress Crazy Horse Memorial, covered in snow.

Mr. Meltzer also discovered that during winter months you had Rapid City museums practically to yourself with staff more than eager to acquaint you with South Dakota history, especially that of our indigenous peoples.

The stark absence of giant RVs, bikers, hundreds of tourists trying to get the same photo on their smart device, and the whining and screaming of tired, unhappy, children, did not escape his notice.

So if peace and quiet blended with magnificent scenery is on your wish list for a winter getaway, now you know exactly where to go!

Source: Thrillist


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