Do you consider yourself a bragger on social media, or are you one of these people who absolutely hate it when someone is constantly posting how unique their kid is, or the number of special trips they take throughout the year?

Then of course there's always the person who feels compelled to tell you all about the famous people he or she meets, or all their personal accomplishments on the job that are moving them up the corporate ladder.

Often times it seems like many people's so called "status updates" are really just another "brag-ommendaton" opportunity to showcase how wonderful their life is!

Let's be honest, we all brag a little bit. Some people make a career out of it.

That same thing can be said for individual states believe it not.

There's a study out now that recently analyzed the top "Most Braggadocious States" in the U.S.

They looked at the self-promotional habits of residents on social media and rated the number of posts they typically made on potentially self-promotional topics (such as trips to special locations, attendance at memorable events, and work-related good news).

No big surprise here, the most boastful state in the nation ended up being California, with 77% of its residents frequently engaging in self-promotion on social media.

Heck, all of the posting that Kim Kardashian and her sisters do alone, should have been enough to put California over the top!

Residents in Washington, Nevada, Maryland, New Hampshire, Illinois, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Jersey and New York also like to toot their own horns. Those states rounded out the Top 10 "Most Braggadocious States" in the country.

South Dakota just missed the top ten. We actually came in at #11. 57% of our residents enjoy rubbing fellow social media user's noses in our personal accomplishments and all the great things that South Dakota has to offer.

Minnesota showed up at #18, with 52% of its residents bragging on a frequent basis.

People in Iowa are just a little more humble; they ranked #20 on the Most Braggadocious States list, with 49% of residents frequently sharing all their personal achievements on social media sites.

Oddly enough, North Dakota didn't make the list. I guess they don't have a whole lot to brag about up there. When you think about it, who really wants to tell everyone it's below zero again, right?