Of all the movies made around Christmas, there's one in particular that out did all the others at the box office. And this movie was based on a family crisis of all things.

How could a story of an entire family going on a Christmas vacation and forgetting the youngest child and leaving him home all alone and scared with burglars in the neighborhood be such a hit?

Well, everybody loved it so much that not only has Home Alone had the greatest success at the box office, but it's also had very successful sequels.

The film has brought in over $285 million, edging out Dr. Seuss'  2018 The Grinch by $15 million. Home Alone 2, which I actually enjoyed more that the original, comes in at number six on the list.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas from 2000 comes in third. Then one of my son's favorites Polar Express was the fourth most successful at the box office followed by Elf.

My personal favorite, Christmas Vacation, didn't even make the top 10. What's your favorite Christmas movie?

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