Sioux Falls radio fans fantasize about what movie world we’d rather be living in - and they did not disappoint. Well played, Facebookers!

Jim Jensen - Anything on Pornhub at this point...

Dee Birch - A Clockwork Orange. It’d make more sense than the bs we’re dealing with now.

Crystal Gamradt - I don’t know which movie we’re in. I’m thinking we are in season 5 of Supernatural

Danny V - Willy Wonka. Could use some singing Oompa Loompas and a sh*t-ton of chocolate right now.

Laine Larsen - The Sandlot. One of my top three favorite movies of all time. Brings me back to my childhood every time I watch it.

Diana Brandvold - Not a movie but a TV town - Schitts Creek

Cindy Severin - On Golden Pond!

Michelle Klaahsen - The Breakfast Club.

Jay Coburn - I like back to the future

Kristi Smith - The Chronicle of Narnia

Brenda Kerper Douglas - Field of Dreams ⚾️✌❣️

Jamie Miller - The invention of lying

Dave Stoner - Idiocracy.

Trish Lovro - Better off dead or one crazy summer...

Ann Holman - Jerry Maguire...Tom Cruise is hot.

John W H Torvik - Time Bandits

Matt Lambrecht - Cool world...

Sheryl Fromm - Grease

Nicholas Everett Thompson - Passion of the Christ

Dixie Kruger - Field Of Dreams

Marty Johannsen - True grit

Ken Sehr - Lonesome Dove

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