In South Dakota, we routinely get hammered when it comes to the wages our workers make compared to the rest of the country.

Just ask teachers in the Mount Rushmore state, who once again rank 49th in the nation (behind only Oklahoma) when it comes to average compensation.

But there is at least one profession in South Dakota that is paying well above the national average - a whopping 22 percent more to be exact.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor's Occupational Employment Statistics, Business Insider determined that South Dakota sales workers who drive a truck or other vehicle to sell or deliver goods make on average $29,260. That's more than $5,000 annually above the average national income for the same job.

Now while a 22 percent bump is nothing to sneeze at, there are a handful of jobs in other states that make double (or more) the national average for the same occupation:

  • New York: Legislators (259%)
  • Washington: Emergency medical technicians and paramedics (128%)
  • Illinois: Miscellaneous construction and related workers (121%)
  • California: Legislators (114%)
  • Washington, DC: Reporters and correspondents (112%)
  • Virginia: Legal support workers (109%)
  • Hawaii: Bartenders (108%)
  • Rhode Island: Teachers and instructors (100%)


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