George Zimmerman is not on trial anymore, but the ordeal is not over.  Thousands are jumping at the chance to pillory the man who shot Trayvon Martin.  This case has captured numerous headlines and has prompted a discussion on self-defense and civil rights.

Imagine if you will a different dimension of time and space where things turned out differently.  By going into “Speculation Land” let’s play with a different set of facts and see what could have happened.

Trayvon Martin would still be alive and George Zimmerman would be dead under this premise.  Moments before a shot could be fired, a blow from Martin sends Zimmerman into unconsciousness preventing the gun from being used.  Martin could have then continued the barrage until Zimmerman was killed.

Police were already on the way to the scene because 9-1-1 had been notified of the altercation.  Playing this out to the end, it’s logical that Trayvon is going to run after beating a man to death.  Of course, it seems that being 17 years old and black makes you already under suspicion.  That shouldn’t be shocking because it’s true.  Disregard that the man who occupies the White House was elected twice.  Many blacks believe the deck is stacked against them.

As the prediction plays out, there would be little chance that Trayvon would have been on trial much less convicted even if he ran scared.  A man confronting you at night just because you went to the store would probably have put the fear of God in you enough to “stand your ground”.  Then add that Zimmerman had a gun with no badge to back him up.  Six Florida jurors would not have decided that Trayvon Martin was guilty of a degree of murder or manslaughter.  There would have been too much reasonable doubt.
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder would then be praising the Florida “Stand Your Ground” law because a young man used the concept in a confrontation to save his own life.

Alas, we live in a world in which facts cannot be changed.  Trayvon Martin is the one who is dead and George Zimmerman is left to reap the whirlwind of his actions.