Where can beer lovers go to find the good retro beers of yesterday? Sure Budweiser, Miller, and Coors are probably America’s best-known beers but some of us remember our dads cracking a Falstaff or a Schmidt and thinking that was pretty cool. "I can't wait till I'm older and hammer on an Olympia with the guys in the driveway like dad does!"

I'm not saying by any means that these were the best-tasting beers on the planet. Some were jokingly compared to donkey pee and others we swore were one molecule away from pond water.

Schlitz may have made Milwaukee famous that that logo has become quite a scare us since the early 1980s. Strohs, Rheingold, Old Style, have all been rather scarce due to the rise of craft beers. So I guess it’s not all bad news beer lovers. We still have options but some of us just kind of miss the old classics.

That was one of the things we enjoyed about the now-closed Starz pub on 57th Street. Lots of cold retro beers on tap at a great price.

On a final note, I always find it nice when I find a retro beer on tap at a sporting event. But the price is far too high. One Miller High Life at a Vikings game at US Bank Stadium will run about $10. Shoot. $10 used to buy 2 cases when I was a teenager. Er...I mean...a legal 21-year-old law abiding young man.

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