If you're planning on going out tonight to celebrate New Year's Eve, be aware that the older you get, the more severe your hangover symptoms tend to be.

Researchers at New York's Binghamton University studied the subject and found that you're better off if you pick clear alcohol over colored, and avoid anything with bubbles.  Bubbles have been proven to drive alcohol into your system more quickly.

Researchers also determined it takes 3.2 drinks for the average person to wake up the next morning with a hangover.

The main thing is limit your intake and drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

And on a side note, in America when someone wakes up with a hangover, they usually say they "feel like crap."  However, people in other countries describe hangovers in different terms than we're used to.  For example:

  • France - a hangover is called "Woody Mouth"
  • Germany - "The Wailing of the Cats"
  • Italy - "Out of Tune"
  • Norway - "Workmen in my Head"
  • Spain - "Surf of Sea"
  • Sweden - "A Pain in the Roots of the Hair"

(Information courtesy of Binghamton University and Health Magazine)

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