So yesterday I'm at home with my daughter when all of a sudden a fairly large wasp goes flying by her head and starts bouncing off a fluorescent work light.

"I am out of here," Jackie announced as she marched out of the room!

I ended up having a minor adventure dealing with the big bug.

It eventually perched on the edge of the light fixture. I ran upstairs and grabbed the fly swatter. I gave it a whack, but missed and it flew around the room and settled inside the main light fixture in the center of the room.

Then I tried to harass it with the fly swatter to get it out of the light. I succeeded and it flew past my ear, buzzed around the room, then back to the inside of the bowl in the light.

Decidedly pissed off that my afternoon was being eaten up by a stupid wasp I remembered we had a can of wasp killer in the garage. I got it, waited for the wasp to show itself in the bottom of the bowl and then reached up with the aerosol poison cannon and wasted the little guy.

He's dead.

But what the hell is he doing in my house this early in the year? I'm afraid to find out.

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