So, are you having yourself a bit of a wasp problem? What to do? Spray a bunch of chemicals around? Lay in wait with a super-enhanced flyswatter? Hide in the house until the first freeze of the fall?

No my friend! You grab a piece of human technology and show those Vespidaes who is the top food chain.

OK, here's the plan (according to a guy in this YouTube video):

1. Get a shop vac.

2 Put some soapy water in it.

3. Get your Macgyver on a fasten the vac's hose to a ladder and a broomstick.

4. Use clamps to make the broomstick adjustable.

5. Put everything in place.

6. Don't forget to wear long sleeves.

7.Leave on for four or five hours.

8. Sit back and watch the suction based fun.

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