Just when you thought life couldn't get any stranger than it already has thanks to COVID-19, Walmart has decided to start showing drive-in movies in the parking lots of select stores across the nation.

This news actually broke several months ago, but Walmart finally released additional details on Wednesday (August 5) regarding their plans to transform store parking lots into drive-in-cinemas at 160 of their stores nationwide.

According to Dakota News Now, select Walmart stores plan on doing 320 showings of popular movies in store parking lots from August 14 through October 21.

There's a wide range of variety to the family-friendly movies they plan on showing.

Walmart has put together a special website where families can check out the movies scheduled to be shown, along with movie dates and times and the store locations that will be participating in this special drive-in movie tour.

Here's the deal, tickets for each of these movies will be free, but you and the family will need to sign up on the website in advance, as spaces in the various parking lots will be limited.

Just like in the drive-in theaters of old, an FM radio will be required to listen to the film.

Walmart Chief Customer Officer Janey Whiteside said in a statement, “We recognize the challenges our customers and their families have faced over the last few months and we wanted to create an experience where they could come together safely to create new memories."

As Dakota News Now reports, Walmart wants customer safety to be paramount throughout this family-friendly, experience. That's why social distancing practices will apply. Masks will be required when outside of your vehicle, and no alcohol, will be allowed during any of the showings.

At this time, it doesn't appear as if any of the Sioux Falls Walmart locations will be participating in this special drive-in cinema event.

You can find the nearest participating Walmart location by searching this website.

Source: Dakota News Now

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