While searching for some videos high-lighting key events in our cities past, I found kipodegold's video Sioux Falls in the 1950's. 

Growing up in northwest Iowa we were frequent visitors to Sioux Falls in the 70's. Mom got a little something from the Green Stamp store, the Western Mall was the talk of the town, and we'd see a Don Knott's movie at the K-Cinema.

This video goes back even further. Downtown Sioux Falls boasted a large J.C. Penney store with a huge painted mural in a tall neighboring building that boasted "Sioux Falls! The Meeting Place for the Northwest!

It's a great piece produced by SDPB.

My favorite response to the Youtube post is from Marty9331

When I was a kid, we lived just south of 33rd street on Western Ave. Our house was surrounded by cornfields and every night a guy on a horse delivered the Argus Leader.

If you could help with any videos depicting Sioux Falls in the 1970's I would appreciate it. Send the link to vandan5545@gmail.com. It's great fun to remember this fine city from yesteryear!

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