A full-sized rare reproduction of the statue of David by Michelangelo stands majestically at Fawick Park in Sioux Falls. It was donated by inventor Thomas Fawick (inventor of the Fawick Flyer automobile) in 1971.

However, there were several meetings and heated discussions about the statue of David because he was naked. People suggested covering him up a bit for modesty. Others said this is art and it's perfect just the way it is.

These debates lasted 2 years until the statue of David was officially erected (pardon me) and unveiled on October 12, 1973.

But it was the letter in a Sioux City newspaper by a local Baptist minister that turned up the heat once again.

"In the years to come, we can expect to see on the streets of Sioux Falls people going naked. We can expect immoral acts in the parks. Don't be surprised if God doesn't bring a flood or a tornado, or strike the statue with lightning. God will judge this city."

He went on to say that the statue was not art but sin.

You can see the statue of David in Fawick Park in downtown Sioux Falls.

Interestingly, Thomas Fawick also donated a statue of Moses to the city of Sioux Falls the same year. This replica did not cause quite the same stir because the marble Moses had a robe and sandals on while seated clutching the stone tablets that were given to him by God on Mount Sinai. The stern look on his face depicts his anger toward the Israelites after descending the mountain to find the people worshiping a golden calf.

These two majestic statues in Sioux Falls should be seen, shared, and enjoyed.

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