May 13th was a typical Monday for Truck Driver Danny Harris of Sioux Falls. Monday is the day a lot of truckers learn of their upcoming scheduled loads for the week.
Danny's dispatcher told him he needed to be in Seattle Washington on Thursday, May 16th, for a BIG MOVE!  Dan was to report to Lumen Field in Seattle, where the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL play.
But it's NOT football season...  Danny would be picking up equipment from the Rolling Stones 2024 Hackney Diamonds Seattle tour stop on Wednesday, May 15th.
Danny was to pull this revered rock-n-roll load all the way to Foxborough, Massachusetts, and drop it at Gillette Stadium, where the Stones are set to play on Thursday, May 30th.
Danny commented about the Glimmer Twins, "I didn’t see Mick or Keith anywhere around.  Evidently, they have guys who load their stuff up."  When asked if Mick, Keith, and Ronnie would be riding along with him to Massachusetts, Danny said, "I doubt if they'd want to make a cross-country trip in my Peterbilt."
Since the Stones have toured for more than 60 years, there seem to be more people who HAVE attended a Stones concert compared to those who have not. Trucker Danny saw the Stones once.
He recalls, "I saw them boys in Arizona in 1981, fresh out of high school.  We both aged a bit."  His memory of that night was a bit clouded. He can neither confirm nor deny the presence of "Wacky Tobacky" in the air that night. Dan did some research about that December 13, 1981 Stones concert he attended in Tempe, Arizona.
He was reminded that he ALSO got to see Joe Ely and George Thorogood and the Destroyers that night, who opened for the Stones.
There are 2 shows by the Stones sandwiched in between the Seattle and Foxborough shows, May 23rd and 26th at East Rutherford, New Jersey, at MetLife Stadium.
Danny is already scheduled to pick up an "unspecified load" for the same company in East Rutherford, headed for Orlando, Florida. That's where the Rolling Stones happen to be playing a concert at Camping World Stadium on June 3rd.
A couple of years ago, Tucker Danny ALSO had the privilege of hauling stage equipment for Sir Elton John on his Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Tour, from Nashville to Seattle.

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