Wherever you go right now in Sioux Falls, these may be the topics people are chattering about - and we're right there with you.

  • Evgenia Parajanian_Thinkstock TSM
    Evgenia Parajanian_Thinkstock TSM

    "Where's My Stimulus Check?"

    The first direct deposit check will be sent during the week of March 22 and the first paper checks sent out the week of March 29.

  • undefined undefined_Thinkstock TSM
    undefined undefined_Thinkstock TSM

    "Did you See the Size of That Pothole?"

    There are potholes in Sioux Falls that could swallow a small Prius. I can just hear the navigation voice say, "We've encountered a small problem, Bob."

  • Usman Yousaf via Unsplash
    Usman Yousaf via Unsplash

    "God, I Hate Wearing Masks"

    Understandable. We all get back in our cars and rip off our face masks in a way that reminds us of a Grey's Anatomy doctor after a botched surgery. More and more of the vaccine is approved and ready to ship. Those who want it will get it soon enough.

  • Sebastian Ervi via Unsplash
    Sebastian Ervi via Unsplash

    "I Need Live Music Again"

    There is hope on the horizon, I have it on good authority that the biggest concert promoters are ready to fill the summer and fall calendar with acts chomping at the bit to get back on the road. Stay tuned! We all need this...STAT!

  • Jakob Owens via Unsplash
    Jakob Owens via Unsplash

    "Cold Enough For Ya'?"

    Why yes, it was. Thank you for asking. But, we really don't need to hear it again. And the people who are fond of saying that are already in the bullpen warming up the ol' "Is it hot enough for ya'? - which will be here soon enough.

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