You don't see kids playing outside very much anymore. Today, they choose to stay inside.

I guess the determining factor on where you play, is what you are playing. If it's video games, you'll want to be inside.

Back in my day, everything we played, was outdoors. From baseball games in a vacant lot, to farm toys in the back yard. I also had a road construction project going on in my dad's garden that only Tonka equipment could handle.

My mom had a hard time getting outside because I kept her busy by her sewing machine putting patches on the knees of my pants.

As a matter of fact, i loved being outside so much that I remember being yelled at to come inside to eat dinner that was on the table. For my mid afternoon snack, I remember being to busy to come in. Mom would have to bring my summer sausage sandwich and Cool-Aid out to me in the yard.

I wouldn't give up those outdoor memories for nothing. But the fact is, today's kids are missing out due to the times.

A survey shows that 40 percent of parents have to force their children to leave the house. The average child today spends just seven hours a week outside. I spent that much time outside in one afternoon!

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