British bookmakers are keeping busy as excitement grows ahead of the upcoming royal wedding.

While most Brits haven't been invited, many are still having a bit of fun with the royal wedding by placing bets.

For example, one bet you can place is what color hat will the Queen wear? Just for your information, the favorite at the moment is blue at 2-to-1.

What 2-to-1 means is if you bet one dollar (or pound) you win two dollars (or pounds) and you walk away with three.

Rupert Adams is with the William Hill bookmaking chain and says the second favorite color choice is currently yellow.

Now if hats aren't your thing, another popular bet is which celebrity (if any) will sing a song during the wedding.

There's also a royal wedding drinking game many of the "un-invited" plan to play the day of the event.

Rules include taking a drink every time the queen appears on screen and taking three swigs whenever the wedding is compared to the 1980 nuptials of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer.

Source: Forbes

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