There is a lot of pressure and stress when it comes to cooking the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving family and guests.

How big does my bird need to be? How long does it take to thaw? Where the heck are the giblets?

Butterball turkey feels your pain and is providing an easier and quicker way to answer your questions by setting up a text line for the first time.

Cooks can text their questions to (844) 877-3456 and experts will be on hand 24/7 to respond. This year, you can even ask Alexa to hook you up with these helpful turkey pros.

Of course you can still make the traditional call and have a turkey-talk with a live operator. That number is 1-(800)-BUTTERBALL.

According to the Consumerist, Butterball receives over 100,000 calls every year during the holidays. Here are some of the most unique calls they have received over the years:

One hotline expert was answering a woman’s call about thawing her turkey. At some point, the caller proudly told the turkey helper that her bird was actually staying frozen in the snow, rather than taking up space in the freezer. There had been a recent snowstorm and the big drifts were the perfect place to store the main course. That was until the caller realized that she now could not remember where she had put the turkey.

Another woman said that her kids were playing in the kitchen with their toy cars and parking was scarce (you know how it gets with parking on the holidays). But they were able to find nice covered parking for their prized vehicles. It wasn’t until hours later when the caller discovered where the cars were parked firmly inside the bird!

In another embarrassing incident, the owner of a Chihuahua called when their dog climbed inside the raw turkey. The poor pooch wasn’t able to get out of the opening through which it had just squeezed. The Butterball expert explained how the owner could make the opening larger without injuring the dog. Interestingly, the hotline has also fielded calls from owners of small rodents and house cats.

Can you guess what the most-asked question is? According to Butterball, it’s: “How long does it take to thaw the turkey?”

The answer: At least 24 hours for every 4 pounds.