Call it a farewell to winter. By golly we’ve had a lot of it and maybe this is one way we can kiss it goodbye.

Growing up on the farm the cows didn’t care if the snow fell, they did their duty twice a day to provide milk which was eventually turned into various dairy products. That tank which contained the milk needed to be emptied every other day regardless of rain, shine, snow or otherwise.

Which leads to a fascination of clearing paths for vehicles to navigate the formerly snowbound areas. Same goes for parking lots in the big city and the piles that take up a few parking spots. But for how long?

Maybe it’s a yearning to reapply the tan lines, but some people want this white menace gone. How long will it take to melt the big pile at 37th and Minnesota or the smaller one at the Bridges at 57th and Western? Middle of May would be a decent guess. Then there’s the sun or more rain that could turn the mountain into a mole hill a little faster.

Throw in your guess. Have some fun with the winter that was.

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