If that special someone in your life has a birthday coming up or if you're celebrating an anniversary soon or even if you're desperate for a Valentine's Day do-over, finding the perfect place to dine out for that big night is crucial.

Recently, Food & Wine ran down a list of the most romantic restaurants in each state and in South Dakota, Minerva's in Sioux Falls still reigns supreme for making the biggest impression.

Here's what the folks at Food & Wine had to say about this downtown Sioux Falls mainstay at 11th and Phillips:

Minerva’s Restaurant is the perfect nightcap to an evening out—its location near the Washington Pavilion, local movie theater, and sports center make it so. But even if you begin your night here, you’ll have a very romantic evening: on the weekends, there is live music on the weekends to serenade you and your date in the dim light.


And while you can't go wrong at Minerva's, Parker's Bistro and Crawford's also offer very romantic atmospheres in the downtown area.


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