On Sunday night, an Indiana woman tried to get up close and personal with George Washington on Mount Rushmore, but instead, she was arrested and charged with a federal violation.

Dakota News Now reports 20-year-old Molly Venderley from Bloomington, Indiana entered a guilty plea of Climbing Mount Rushmore during a hearing in federal court in Rapid City on Monday, January 4, 2021.

Venderley was charged with a total of three federal misdemeanors. Two of the lesser charges were dropped after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors. Venderley was fined $1,250 for climbing Mount Rushmore and released.

Vanderley told a park ranger that she climbed a monument when the park was closed and under the cover of darkness because she knew it was illegal.

How did she get caught? A park ranger saw Vanderley's flashlight on a security camera. By that time she had already made it to the base of George Washington's lapel.

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