This is gonna be awkward ... thanks to a new browser extension for Chrome and Firefox called 'Unfriend Notify', your Facebook friend removal just got a lot less anonymous.

If you download the extension, a little tab shows up on your Facebook page that says "Lost Friends." There you can see who dumped you ... and anyone who you dumped knows what you did. Social media is getting way too stressful! Can you imagine how catty this can get?

When you unfriend someone (and let's face it, we've ALL done it) why do you typically do it?

--Over posting? That person who just HAS to update the minutia of their day...EVERY day

--The 'Stalker'. That person you don't really know who ended up on your friends list, that never posts anything but sure seems to 'like' a lot of your pictures.

--The whiner. That person who just never seems to be happy and constantly posts how awful their life is.

--The selfie king or queen. That person who posts pictures of themselves, sometimes several times a DAY or changes their profile picture every day.

--The old adage for get togethers has always been 'don't discuss religion or politics', but on Facebook, that's EXACTLY what they post. A lot.

--The gamer. How many games do I have to block and how many times do I have to post "I don't play games. Please stop sending me game requests." before you just have to unfriend them.

What else drives you to unfriend someone on Facebook?