When it comes to burger joints there are many great places to choose from across this country, but to find one that takes burgers to the extreme, now those are the ones to check out! Especially if you happen to be stopping in Rochester, Minnesota.

Hot Chip Burger Bar, which opened in January 2018, is an upscale burger bar. When you walk, you notice graffiti all over the walls, retro, and rustic dining tables and chairs, and early 2000s pop music playing through the speakers. All house burgers consist of two 4oz patties, served with pickles and umami fries. Of course, you can go with just a single patty but why would ya!

With burger names like Eiffel 65, Mess my sh#rtup, and all-wheel drive, there is a burger for everyone. I went with the Hamilton J Bone which has smoked ham, cheddar, a fried egg mushroom pesto on two 4oz patties and fries. Now I've had a lot of burgers in my life but this one was one of the most unique ones I have ever tried. So the next time you are in the Rochester area, swing on by Hot Chip Burger Bar, you will not be disappointed.

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