The 11th annual Sioux Falls Zombie Walk took place Saturday, October 29, 2016 in Downtown Sioux Falls. Not even a few sprinkles and cool temps could keep away the walking dead. The theme this year was Iconic at the Icon. This year's zombie headquarters was Icon Lounge. We saw Prince, Elvis, Ameila Earhart and Marilyn Monroe.

The Zombie Walk has become the most anticipated event of the Halloween season. Hundreds of people participate, whether by walking in the parade or watching from the sidewalks. The event has become a celebration for the whole family. While I was at Icon earlier in the day doing a live broadcast, I saw many families come dressed in theme costumes. Some were getting "zombiefied" with the help of make-up artists, others came completely decked out and ready to walk.

This year's Zombie Walk benefited two local charities, Be-A-Lifesaver and the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz.

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