Have you ever driven through a South Dakota town and wonder how it got its name? Or perhaps even lived or grew up there? With the help of Only In Your State, we've selected the towns with the oddest names and found the meaning behind them. I'll never see Athol the same way again.

1. Kadoka: A good place to refuel on the way to the Black Hills, Kadoka, South Dakota got its name from the Lakota Tribe. It means "hole in the wall."

2. Ipswich: The odd name originated in England. And if they have one, why couldn't we? It was founded in 1883 and was a popular stop if you were traveling by train.

3. Athol: Trust me. Once your kids see the sign they'll let you know.

"You're an Athol!"

"Oh, yeah? You're the mayor of Athol!" 

"You're the DUKE of Athol!"

Aside from the childish jibes at the town's name, the third insult is spot on. There actually was a Duke of Atholl, Scotland.

4. Pukwana: The saying "From here to Pukwana" gets thrown around a lot. But it's not actually that far away. The town got its name from the Ojibwa tribe and means "curling smoke." If you love the name, thank the popular poem, "The Song of the Hiawatha" which includes the line, "in the smoke that rolled around him, the pukwana of the peace pipe."

5. Stickney: Located along scenic Highway 281, Stickney was named for J.B. Stickney, a hard-working railroad worker.

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