Are you planning a road trip to the Minnesota State Fair this summer?

The great get-together in Minnesota gets underway on (August 26) and runs through Labor Day in St. Paul.

The Minnesota State Fair has a reputation for being one of the largest tourist destinations in this region and is said to be the largest state fair in the nation by average daily attendance.

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The entertainment line up alone might be worth the trek to the twin towns this summer. There's a little something for everyone this year.

The Minnesota State Fair is packing great entertainment like; country stars Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, and Tim McGraw. The Doobie Brothers "50th Anniversary Tour" featuring Michael McDonald, Tommy Johnston, and Pat Simmons. The Spinners, the Chainsmokers, even George Thorogood will have his "Good to Be Bad Tour" on hand Saturday (September 4).

And speaking of packing, there's this little right to conceal carry at the fair fight going on in the courts too.

Did you catch wind of any of this yet? There is a gun owners' group that is suing the fair and Ramsey County demanding that all concealed carry permit holders be allowed to bring their firearms into the fairgrounds area.

Conceal Carry Laws
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The Minnesota State Fair has a ban on firearms on the premises. They have metal detectors set up at every entrance and religiously check each person's bags.

Unlike South Dakota, Minnesota has much stricter gun laws. There are a few more hoops law-abiding gun owners need to jump through to conceal carry.

The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus argues that the State Fair’s ban on weapons violates their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

As Dakota News Now reports, the lawsuit being presented is asking the court to order the state to allow Minnesotans who have valid carry permits the right to bring their conceal carry firearms into the fairgrounds area. It also requests the sheriff's office that provides law enforcement security during the Minnesota State Fair be prohibited from enforcing the ban.

As a Second Amendment supporter and gun owner myself, I understand the concern. Nothing like a little civil unrest and a rash of crime to make people feel uneasy. I think we can all agree we're living in challenging times. It will be interesting to sit on the sidelines here in South Dakota and watch this one play out in the Minnesota state courts.

Source: Dakota News Now

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